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Xara's Vision & Mandate


Young womxn exploring the boundaries of choral performance through voice, body, and community.


· To provide a professional-style environment for an auditioned community of women ages 18-30 to grow artistically;

· To foster the growth of choral music in Eastern Canada by drawing new and younger audiences to choral concerts;

· To create interdisciplinary performances that draw on excellent choral singing, a strong narrative within each program, movement, lighting, and collaborations with non-choral artists;

· To explore empowered models of leadership that function collaboratively among staff, singers, and volunteers.


Xara Choral Theatre Society (XCTS) is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors and the artistic co-directors of Xara. The board combines the talents of young, emerging professionals and experienced community leaders, all of whom are women. The board of directors works as part of a skilled, open-minded, passionate, and ambitious operational team within the greater Xara organization.

Board Chair Philomena Hughes
Treasurer Robin Lauriston
Secretary Raquel Poley
Choir Representatives Morgan Melnyk & Hayley Giles 
Member at Large Mackenzie Hepditch
General Manager (ex-officio) Jessica Mailhiot
Artistic Director (ex-officio) Christina Murray
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