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Xara Choral Theatre Tour

Rings Through Water premiered in Halifax in August 2019. It toured throughout the Maritimes in September 2019.
Stay tuned for upcoming productions!
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Depending on its form, water has the capacity to amplify sound, distort it, or mute it; how do we do the same as we navigate our relationship with this precious resource and one another?


This show uses ethereal choral and solo singing, contemporary and traditional Indigenous dance, powerful text and theatrical presentation to tell three short stories.  Together they speak for water, lift up the voices of its protectors, and amplify the voices of the missing and murdered Indigenous women who have met their end in it. They also offer a reconciliation-based model for Indigenous and Settler collaboration.

Rings Through Water is an interdisciplinary creation between five artists, three Indigenous and two Settlers. Their desire to overcome their own embodied prejudices, privilege, and pain is central to their artistic process and to the beautiful narratives of this show. 


Deantha Edmunds, Inuk poet

Lisa Nasson, Mi'kmaq dramaturge

Sarain Fox, Anishinaabe choreographer

Christina Murray, Settler choral conductor

Jennifer Trites, Settler composer

Performing Artists

Xara Choral Theatre

Christina Murray, conductor
Deantha Edmunds, soprano

Sarain Fox, dancer

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