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A Ground Breaking Tour

Back in 2011, when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission asked Xara to take part in its Atlantic National Event, I had no idea that the small piece we would create could lead to six years of collaboration, almost 40 performances, and a total audience of almost 20,000. As artistic director of this organization, I couldn't be more humbled and proud to be part of the ongoing work of our show, Fatty Legs.

From October 29 to November 8, 2017 a team of 14 singers (who form the new professional touring choir of Xara!), one dancer, one narrator, a lighting designer, a choreographer, a stage manager and I, Xara's conductor, headed to Ontario for our first out-of-region tour. Click or hover over each image in this slide show to learn more about our adventures and the important work we did over those ten days! (You might also want to take a look at the bottom of this post to see the amazing people who made this happen.)

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Sarain Fox

Anishinaabe dancer and activist who danced the role of Margaret

Rebecca Thomas

Mi'kmaw poet laureate of Halifax, educator, and activist who narrated Margaret's story

Rachael Delano

Kallie White

Shila LeBlanc

Zoe Leger

Hayley Giles

Brianna Ellis

Colleen MacIsaac

Rhian Merritt

Mackenzie Hepditch

Tenille Goodspeed

Jenny Trites

Sara Jellicoe

Leah Pritchard

Jessica Sharp

Singers of Xara's new fully professional touring choir

Christina Murray

Artistic Director and conductor of Xara

Claire Leger

Choreographer of Xara

Matthew Downey

Lighting Designer

Erin Gaudet

Stage Manager

Jessica Mailhiot & Erin Taylor

Tour Admin Support

Photos by Selena Mills, Dean Ellis, plus a few shots from company members.

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