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Guild X: A family of supporters

This tenth anniversary blog series features ten members of Guild X: foundational supporters who want to help create the Xara Magic. Their contribution is simple - just $10 per month or 10 volunteer hours/year. The ongoing support of Guild X members means the world to us!

headshot of Keith Lehwald


Keith Lehwald

Lawyer by day, music and theatre buff by night, Keith discovered Xara when he was a law student at Dal and was an instant fan. Today, Keith is a proud Guild X member and has also joined the Xara Board of Directors.


The Story of Guild X

Guild X is a new way to be part of the Xara family and has been created in honour of our tenth anniversary. A guild is an association of people who come together for mutual aid in the pursuit of a common goal. Historically, guilds were often groups of artisans. What better way to describe a group of people who are dedicated to the success of Xara's art! The X stands for Xara, as well as for ten (in roman numerals): ten years, ten dollars, or ten hours. It's an accessible way for people to become a more active part of the "XaraLove" and to help contribute to our sustainability as we move into our next ten years of artistry.

All about Keith

Xara would like to introduce you to one of these special people, Keith Lehwald, who, as a member of our board and monthly donor, qualifies for Guild X status not once but twice! Keith was born and raised in Halifax and currently works as an associate lawyer at the Halifax law firm Burchells LLP. While he was in law school, Keith sat on the executive of the Dalhousie Theatre Society as Improv Coordinator and became good friends with Rachael Gay, a performer in Xara. Through Rachael he discovered a former co-worker, Hayley Giles was also a Xara singer. Keith was impressed with Xara's work and after he began work at Burchells, Rachel suggested he put his name forward to join our board.

It is fitting that this talented young lawyer also has a musical and theatre background. Besides his comedic improv work, Keith was a founding member of the Dalhousie Law School Acappellants vocal group. Within just two years, the Acappellants went from crowding onto the “stage” at an open mic night at the University Club to headlining a concert with professional-quality sound and lighting.

Being in the Acappellants gave Keith firsthand experience of what is involved in running a vocal ensemble. Keith remarks, "That experience makes what Xara does all the more incredible in my eyes. I am constantly awestruck by the creative minds that keep churning out one incredible production after another - not to mention a staggering number of originals - and the performers who put in so many hours to make sure that their artistic vision is realized. One of my most distinct memories came when Xara staged its first performance after I joined the board, Tales of the Old North in 2016. After months of discussion and talking about in in the abstract, seeing it all come together in a swirl of magic and colour was incredible - as was being able to say that I played some small part in making it happen."

We love having Keith as part of our organization and it would seem that the feeling is mutual. Keith told us, "It is an overwhelming joy and honour to be involved with a group like Xara and to be able to support its work. I can't wait to see where it goes next."

Guild X members like Keith ensure that Xara's creative work and vision is sustained for years to come. For more information on joining this branch of the Xara family, contact us at