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Sarain Fox


Sarain is a storyteller. With a longstanding career as a professional dancer and choreographer, her professional identity has now blossomed to include work as a TV host (Rise, Future History), journalist, content creator, model, and social media influencer. Above all, though, she is deeply rooted in a commitment to her traditional Anishinaabe culture and the work of building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.


Sarain has been studying, practicing and performing as a professional dancer for the past twenty years. After formative training in Ontario, she trained through the Alvin Ailey Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in New York City. She performed for two summers with the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company in New York City and went on to become a member of Untitled Collective, a NYC based Australian aboriginal modern dance collective as well as Kahawaii Dance Theatre, an Ontario-based company that explores the intersection between Indigenous and new performance techniques. Sarain has undertaken three Indigenous dance residencies at The Banff Centre, which allowed her to work with Neil Iremia of Black Grace and Javier Dezule of Dezule dance. 


In 2011, Sarain was invited by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to co-create a performance piece with Xara Choral Theatre. Since that time, she has focused her artistic practice exclusively on work that supports Indigenous cultural reclamation and the decolonization of "classical" art forms.

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