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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Chrysalis designed for?

Chrysalis is designed for girls ages 13-18 (grades 8-12) who are interested in the arts and making a difference in their communities. To read more about how the program works, check out our About Chrysalis page.

Do you have to have lots of musical experience to be part of Chrysalis?

No – any girl who is interested in learning more about choral singing, composing, movement, dance, theatre, writing, visual art, or spoken word is a perfect fit for Chrysalis. We recognize that participants will come from all different levels of musical experience and welcome the opportunity to nurture each individual so she can learn new skills and develop self-confidence as an art-maker.

Is there an audition?

No – there is no audition for the Chrysalis program. Instead, we ask you to fill out this registration form. We will be holding meet & greet interviews from June to September to help us get to know participants better before the program begins. After filling out the form, you’ll receive an email from us confirming acceptance of your registration as well as to set up your meet & greet time.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes. Tuition for Chrysalis is $350 for the year (September-May) and includes all instruction, sheet music, September retreat weekend, and Chrysalis t-shirt. Payment can be made via cash or cheque made out to “Xara Choral Theatre”. Payment plans are available by emailing the Xara treasurer at

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes! We are pleased to be able to offer financial assistance to make Chrysalis accessible to everyone. Just check the box to be considered for financial assistance when you fill out the registration form, and we’ll be in touch with more details about how to apply.

When does Chrysalis start?

Chrysalis will start Monday night rehearsals in September, 2016. Rehearsals will be from 7-9pm. We will also hold a Retreat Day for Chrysalis participants on Saturday, September 17 to kick off the start of the program.

Where will Chrysalis rehearsals take place?

Chrysalis rehearsals will take place at The MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning, 50 Queen St., Dartmouth. The MacPhee Centre is a wonderful community hub that focuses on giving youth a voice through the arts. Xara is thrilled to be partnering with the Centre for the launch of this brand new program.

Who are the instructors for Chrysalis?

Chrysalis will be led by Xara Choral Theatre’s Co-Artistic Directors, Christina Murray and Claire Leger, as well as Xara Choral Theatre Ensemble performer and leadership expert Shila LeBlanc in the role of Facilitator: Community Building.

Is Chrysalis the same as Xara Youth Ensemble?

Chrysalis is a brand new program that has its roots in the Xara Youth Ensemble (XYE) program which ran from 2012-2016. After detailed feedback sessions with Xara Youth Ensemble participants, we have created Chrysalis to replace XYE and to better serve the needs of youth in our communities. We are in awe of the amazing leaders that grew out of the XYE program and look forward to working with the next generation of Chrysalis participants.

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