Xara Choral Theatre offers professional and pre-professional performance opportunities to sopranos and altos who range in age, and in experience from emerging to early-career artists. Our performers have varied backgrounds in choral music, theatre, and movement, but all are committed to excellence in interdisciplinary performance. Xara isn’t just a performance ensemble, it’s a way of life!

How do I join?

Xara company works on a project basis, similar to a professional theatre company, and draws primarily on a pool of performers who have completed an audition and one probationary project. Each time a major project is announced, the existing pool of performers is polled for their availability (based on a detailed schedule. Paid places in the roster are offered first to available confirmed members of the pool followed by offers of hire to probationary members. Each new project will always have at least a few spots available for probationary singers.

STAY TUNED FOR AN UPCOMING AUDITION CALL IN JANUARY 2020. | 5675 Spring Garden Rd, PO Box 36144, Halifax, NS, B3J 3S9