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Chrysalis: Arts + Action

The Chrysalis Youth Mentoring Program is designed for girls and young women ages 14 to 18 that combines training and performance experience in the performing arts with personal development and social action.

Each year, up to 12 participants will be selected by audition to take part in Chrysalis. The program will run parallel to the rehearsal and performance period for a Xara Choral Theatre show and offers Chrysalis members the chance to sing alongside the members of this semi-professional group. In addition to singing with and learning from Xara, each week the Chrysalis team will meet for an hour of workshops and leadership development sessions. Participants will learn how art-making can develop skills and enhance personal growth. Positivity, inclusivity, and friendship are the cornerstones of this project that is led by Xara’s acclaimed artistic team and skilled guest facilitators.


Here’s How it Works!


Theme-based learning

From September to February, Chrysalis will rehearse on Monday evenings from 7-9pm atThe MacPhee Centre, 50 Queen St., Dartmouth. Each rehearsal will incorporate different types of art-making: choral singing, composing, movement, theatre, visual arts, writing, spoken word, etc – the sky is the limit! Each week, we’ll improve our skills in each of these areas, learn from one another, and collaborate to build a show that we’ll present at the end of February that surrounds the theme of “Home”.


Participants will have the chance to work with Chrysalis’ leadership team as well as guest artists and speakers, and performers from the award-winning Xara Choral Theatre Ensemble. In addition to the arts, Chrysalis has a special focus on leadership, health, and wellness, including leadership and community-building activities, yoga classes taught by a certified yoga instructor, and stress-relief techniques for when life and school get busy! Chrysalis is designed to be a safe space for teenage girls to express themselves through the arts in a positive, supportive community. 

Phase 2

From March to May, Chrysalis participants will be matched with a local community organization or business to complete volunteer hours connected to the theme of “Home”. The volunteer hours will be supervised by Chrysalis’ leadership team, and will draw from the leadership skills and personal empowerment developed in Phase 1. Build connections and make a difference in your community through creativity and collaboration!

Join Chrysalis for Fall 2016!

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